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How to be Happy?

29 Aug
                                David Acton as Epicurus in ‘The Happiness Index’
                                                       at the New End Theatre


I’ve been interested in the subject of happiness ever since I studied the Greek philosopher Epicurus at college. Epicurus believed that happiness could be achieved quite simply, through bodily harmony and mental tranquillity. A few years ago I wrote a play about his ideas, called How to be Happy, which was performed in various schools and colleges, and at the British Museum. Then last year happiness hit the headlines when the Government announced that it was going to start including questions on happiness in the national Household Survey. So I revised my play to take account of these questions, and it became ‘The Happiness Index’. It was performed at the New End Theatre in London last summer.

The results of the first national survey on happiness in the UK were published last month, and I’ll be looking at these in my next blog.